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On this page you'll find more information about each conversation and more information about all the books we talked about. If you have suggestions for a Vermont public library you'd like to hear on Where the Books Are Now, please contact me here. Thanks for listening and for visiting this site! 


Episode 8 Rochester Public Library - Rochester VT

On Episode 8 I talk with Maya Newroot, the Library Director at the Rochester Public Library in Rochester, Vermont. Most librarians in small libraries where several hats and Maya is both the Children's Librarian and the Library Director. She shared the special history of the Rochester Public Library and the building. The Rochester Public Library building was built in 1849 by the Universalist Church Society to be a church and still has beautiful stained glass windows. As Maya talked, I imagined myself reading a book on the second floor, sitting on one of their comfy couches, with light from a stained glass window streaming in beside me.

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Episode 7 Pettee Memorial Library - Wilmington, VT

In Episode 7 of the WTBAnow podcast, I visit with Kyrra Howard, Library Director at the Pettee Memorial Library in Wilmington, VT.  Kyrra talks about the long history of the library and Mr Lyman Pettee who funded the construction of the first library building in Wilmington in 1906 in memory of his parents Dr Anson and Lucy Pettee.

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Episode 6 Craftsbury Public Library - Craftsbury VT

     In episode 6 of Where the Books Are Now, I chat with Susan O'Connell, Library Director at the Craftsbury Public Library in Craftsbury, VT.  The library sits in a perfect location in town, just off the town common and close to the Craftsbury Academy. We chat about the history of the library, including a great story about the $50 that was set aside to build the first public library in Craftsbury.

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Episode 5 Bixby Memorial Free Library - Vergennes, VT

In episode 5 of Where the Books Are Now, I talk with Catherine Hays, Library Director at the Bixby Memorial Free Library in Vergennes, Vermont.  Bixby is a library, a community center, and a museum that serves not just Vergennes, VT but the surrounding communities of Ferrisburgh, Waltham, Panton, and Addison.

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Episode 4 - Mary L Blood Library - West Windsor VT

Air date: April 22, 2024 - In this episode I chat with Elizabeth Frederick, Library Director at the Mary L Blood Library in West Windsor, Vermont. The Mary L Blood Library is one of three small libraries built by Benjamin Franklin Blood around the turn of the 20th century. (The others are the Windsor Public Library in Windsor, Vermont and the Weathersfield Proctor Library in Ascutney, VT). This library was built in 1900 and was affectionately referred to as "The Little Library." Liz told me that the library still has some books from the original library collection and they were organized in a very interesting way.

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Episode 3 - John G McCullough Library - North Bennington VT

In Episode 3  I chat with Jennie Rozycki , Library Director at the John G. McCullough Library in North Bennington, VT. Jennie shares the long history of libraries in North Bennington, starting with the "Ladies Lending Library." We chat about the new tool lending library where you can get snowshoes for the winter and fishing poles for the warmer months. Jennie shares more library offerings that the "Tardis-like" library provides including access to over 4,000 digital magazines for library members. 

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Episode 2 - Rockingham Free Public Library - Bellows Falls, VT

In Episode 2, I talk with my hometown librarians at the Rockingham Free Public Library located in the town in the village of Bellows Falls, in the town of Rockingham, Vermont:  Ian Graham, Library Director, Sam Howard, Youth Services Librarian, and Pamela Johnson Spurlock, Reference and Historical Collections Librarian.

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Episode 1 - Westford Library

It’s LAUNCH DAY!  I’m so excited to start sharing the fabulous world of Vermont’s public libraries with you. In Episode one, I chat with Bree Drapa, Library Director at the Westford Public Library in Westford, VT. Bree talked about the  history of the library, all the interesting things you can check out that aren’t books - like card tables and chairs! Biblio+ the new streaming service for movies and tv, and many other services the library offers.

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Podcast Launch March 2024

 This is where you'll find the show notes and more after the launch of the Where The Books Are Now podcast in March 2024. We'll have all the information about the library featured in that week's episode, along with links to books and services mentioned!  For more information, or to suggest a public library in Vermont to be featured in an upcoming episode of Where The Books Are Now,  please visit the contact page on this website or email WTBANow@gmail.com 

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