Episode 1 - Westford Library

Published on 11 March 2024 at 09:21

It’s LAUNCH DAY!  I’m so excited to start sharing the fabulous world of Vermont’s public libraries with you. In Episode one, I chat with Bree Drapa, Library Director at the Westford Public Library in Westford, VT. Bree talked about the  history of the library, all the interesting things you can check out that aren’t books - like card tables and chairs! Biblio+ the new streaming service for movies and tv, and many other services the library offers.


In case you haven’t heard, there will be a total eclipse of the sun on April 8, 2024 and the path of totality will pass through much of northern Vermont. Westford, like many towns in the path of totality, is expecting a large number of visitors. Please visit the Vermont Vacations website if you are planning to travel to Vermont for the eclipse. Please visit the library's website for upcoming science programming and more fun things to do this early spring. 


Of course we also talked about books. 


Nancy had two historical fiction picks, The Witching Tide by Margaret Meyer (2023) visiting the witchcraft hysteria in England and The Girl in His Shadow by Audrey Blake (2021) the first in a series about a young woman who wants to become a surgeon - the catch is she lives in 1850s England. If you like book one, the next in the series, The Surgeon's Daughter (2022) is even better.


Bree shines a light on the  young adult novel Gather by Kenneth M Cadow, a Vermont author. Bree told me she's never seen her kids more into a book. This book shows how important it is to see "yourself" represented in fiction, as this story does for rural Vermont high schoolers and life in Vermont.  We also talked about a favorite of mine, Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt (2022) which features an octopus as a main character. It sounds weird, it isn't. It's a beautiful story about love and connection.  This one won't stay on the shelves in Westford and it may be just as popular at your library, so put in a request and get on the list. It's one I've recommended to friends and family.


Please visit your local library to find these books or request them through interlibrary loan. You can also find them through the links on the book covers on this page to Bookshop.org which helps to support your local independent bookstore.


Thanks for listening! And please drop me an email or fb message to recommend your favorite. Vermont Library for an episode.



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