A new podcast about Vermont’s Public Libraries -  2024!


Where The Books Are Now (WTBANow) is a podcast featuring one Vermont Public Library every two weeks on Mondays. During the show we'll talk with a library director or staff person from a VT Public Library and find out what makes that library special, gather some book recommendations, and discover some not-so-well-known treasures, collections, and services available to library patrons. WTBANow will be available on all your favorite podcatchers, and the show notes, book recommendations, and more will live on this site.


I'm the host and my name is Nancy Tusinski.  I’m a recently retired (not so retired) public library director. I’ve been passionate about public libraries all my life, ever since my first library card from the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody, Massachusetts where books and maps showed me that the world was much bigger than my neighborhood on Swampscott Ave. I worked in public libraries for over 20 years and one of my favorite things to do is to visit libraries.


Some years ago, a colleague and I talked about writing a blog that would feature one Vermont public library at a time, because we both loved Patricia W. Belding’s 1996 book, Where the Books Are: History and Architecture of Vermont’s Public Libraries with Photos and Anecdotes (check your local library for a copy) and wanted to do an update to that work. “Someday, when we have more time,” we said. Well, my colleague has moved on to other adventures and I thought that a podcast and blog with show notes and book recommendations might be a fun way to create an update on all the wonderful ways Vermont Public Libraries serve their communities.


I’m happy to report that  Where The Books Are Now launched on March 11, 2024 and is available on all your favorite podcatchers. If you are a public library director in Vermont or community member and would like your library to be featured on the podcast, please contact me using the Contact Form on this website or message me through our Facebook page to get on the schedule.


 Please join me as we explore and discover some of Vermont's favorite well-loved spaces - public libraries!